You need to buy a number and link it with a service to send and receive messages or to make and receive calls calls from your customers.

Numbers can be purchased from IMIconnect 'Numbers' dashboard directly. Here are the steps for buying a number:

  1. Visit 'Numbers' section. Click on 'Get Numbers' button and select 'Phone Number'.

  2. Enter the country name you want to buy the number for click 'Next'. 

  3. Select the required number type 

  4. Enter you preferred number combination (optional) and click 'Search''

  5. Select the desired number from available choices and click 'Buy' 

  6. Confirm your purchase on the next screen. 

Post successful confirmation, the number will become available on the 'Numbers' screen.

In case the country of your choice is not listed, select 'Can’t see your country?' option and raise a ticket. we will try to procure it for you offline.

All the available numbers are displayed along with the monthly rental and applicable call and SMS rates. You don't need a credit card at the time of purchase. The amount will be added to your invoice as per the monthly rental and usage. 

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