An SMS keyword is a specific word that can be sent to a short code to trigger a pre-defined action/response. It allows for using a common short code for multiple messaging services. For example, a bank may publish a short code and ask its customers to text-in ‘BALANCE’ to get their savings account balance, and text-in ‘LOAN’ to the same short code to get information on home loan offers. 

Keywords can be of provisioned on private as well as shared short codes. In case you own a short code, you can define any number of keywords on it and use them exclusively for your brand/company. Alternatively, you can buy just the keyword mapped with a shared short code and reduce your costs.

Here are the steps for buying an SMS keyword using IMIconnect:

  1. Visit 'Numbers' from the main navigation menu 

  2. Click on 'Get Numbers > Keyword'

  3. Select the desired country name and click 'Next'

  4. Enter preferred keyword and check for availability

  5. Select your preferred option from the displayed list and confirm purchase

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