Client is a tenant created for your company.

Groups are essentially sub-accounts of the clients and teams are sub-accounts of the group.

A client may contain multiple groups which in-turn may contain multiple teams.

The roles at each level remain consistent:

Owner – Has access to everything on the platform.
Full Access – Has access to everything but cannot edit owner’s profile.
Limited Access – Cannot add or remove users. Cannot delete services, numbers or apps.
Read-only – Read only access to all pages on the platform.
Restricted User – Can only login to app-tray applications when they login to IMIconnect.

However, a user at a higher level can switch to a group or team at a lower level using the three lines icon in the header.

For example, a full access user at a client level can access all group and team services with similar privileges while a full access user at group level can only access the services of the team under his group.

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