Custom events allow you to trigger actions within IMIconnect in response to events that occur within your business systems. For example, if a customer abandons a basket on your commerce portal, you may want to trigger a flow within IMIconnect that looks up the profile of the customer, looks up their communication preferences and sends them a message allowing them to subscribe to 'price-drop' alerts on items in their basket. A rule links the custom event trigger to an action. You may choose any of the pre-defined actions (such as sending SMS or making a voice call) or create your own complex logic encapsulated within a flow and invoke that flow as a rule action.

Custom events can be of two types, labeled 'version 1' and 'version 2' in the product. Version 1 custom events can be configured to accept a set of name-value pairs as parameters. Version 2 generates a webhook to which you can post any JSON payload. The payload can then be parsed, the necessary attributes extracted and used for further processing.

The parameters passed to a custom event will be available as session variables within flows.

For more information on custom events and how to use them, refer docs.

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