IMIconnect allows you to send messages to your customers across communication channels by using a single unified multi-channel messaging API. 

Before using the API you will need setup a service and fetch the service key for authentication purposes. In addition to that you will also need to setup the required assets for each channel under numbers and apps. More information on that can be found here

The API itself supports the following capabilities across different channels -

Concatenated long messages of up to 1024characters in any language with alpha number sender ID support.
Message types supported: ● Text ● Flash ● Binary ● Unicode 

Out bound voice calls using any call flowsetup on the platform or by media supplied with preferred CLI number setting 

In-app Messaging
Interactive rich multimedia messages with text and optional media items. Supporting for most of the popular image,audio and video MIME types. 

Push Notifications
Interactive app push notifications on Android and iOS with options to set a collapse key, time to live, custom notification sound. The API also supports deep link, opening URLs, sharing, topics,segments and bulk messaging 

Facebook Messenger
All messenger templates upto v 1.4 update including
templates - ● generic ● button ● receipt ● airlinetemplatesMessage  
attachments – ● image ● video ● audio● file 

Text messaging

Text messaging

Supported only in Event API through templates 

Please refer this link for API documentation.

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