Let's say you need to launch a marketing campaign to drive app installs for your newly launched mobile app. One of the most widely used option you could explore is to send SMS messages with the app store download link to your customers. The challenge however is, how do you send the right app store link to customers who are using different handsets with varying operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

This is where Smart Links come in (accessible at Tools -> Smart Link in IMIconnect)  - they are short URLs that work in conjunction with IMIconnect's extensive device database, so when a link is clicked the solution detects the exact make and model of your customer’s device and automatically redirects the customer to the app listing on the right app store (such as Google Play or Apple App Store) from where they can install your app. You can avail a custom branded short-URL to aid brand awareness and recognition.

The links are personalized for every recipient allowing you to track who clicked the link and who did not, at an individual level. 

App downloads is just one example, you can use smart links to for any kind of communications where you want to track the engagement.  

You can also define the validity period for Smart Links to align with the timing of your marketing activities. For instance, if an offer is scheduled to expire on a particular date, you can start redirecting users to the offer expired page post that date. If customers click on the link after the expiry date, they can be redirected to a page that explains that the offer has expired.

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