IMIconnect enables you to set-up geo-fences to send location aware messages to customers who have installed your app that uses IMIconnect SDKs. 

Here are the steps to create a geo-fence:

  • Navigate to 'Tools > Geofences' 

  • Click 'Add Geofence'

  • Enter a name and description for the geofence
  • Enter the location around which you want to add the geofence or click on the map. Now provide the radius length (in meters), we recommend using minimum radius of 50 meters unless you are sure of the location accuracy around the geofence area.   
  • Click 'Save'

This completes the geo-fence setup. It can be used to trigger location aware messages when a mobile device enters or leaves the designated boundary. For example, to send promotional messages whenever a customer enters or leaves a sports stadium. 

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