IMIconnect provides channel testing tool to check if the channel assets you have added in your IMIconnect account are working on their respective channels or not.

Channel testing is a good way to validate the configured asset is properly configured before using it in a service.

Below are the steps to perform channel testing:

Navigate to 'Tools > Channel Testing' form the navigation bar on the top. You would need to have a test customer profile created using Profile APIs as a prerequisite.

Follow the on-screen instructions: 

  1. Select the Channel

2. Choose the 'Configuration'. Here you should select the asset you would want to test.
Note: Configuration will vary depending on the selected channel.

3. Enter the 'customerid'  of the profile that you created using the profile API

4. Click 'Next', one time setup is required to link the customer id and the customer's channel ids. Follow the step by step guide to set this up.
Note:  Please make sure the channel asset is setup with customer on-boarding settings to proceed further.
5. The next screen will display the last 5 transactions. Enter a test message and click 'Submit' 

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