In addition to messaging API, voice calls can also be initiated through a rule. Follow the below steps to initiate a voice call with a rule:

  1. Create a Service. For steps on how to create a service, refer here.
  2. Buy a Phone Number with Voice capability. For steps on how to buy a Phone Number, refer here.
  3. Add the Phone Number in the Service under the section "Phone Numbers for Voice"

4. Click Save.
5. Create a Rule. For more information refer here
6. Choose the Trigger Channel as "Voice"

7. Choose the event as desired. Available events are: Inbound Call and Missed Call. Here Missed call is chosen for illustration purpose. 

8. Enter Trigger conditions, if any. Conditions may not be applicable in this scenario. An example for a condition is: app.location EQUALS "value". This kind of condition can be used when using "App" as the Trigger Channel and Voice Call as the Action. 

Note: Trigger Channel/Events and the action are loosely coupled, meaning for example, Facebook Channel and Incoming Message event on Facebook Channel can be used to initiate a Voice call.

9. Move to Actions screen and choose "Initiate Voice outbound"

10. Move to the action parameters screen. Set the Expiry time in either seconds or in absolute UTC time as shown below:

11. Choose the "Outbound Voice Call Type". Available options are: Play voice files, Connect to third party, Voice Template and click complete Rule. Click on the respective links to know more about the option

12. Click Complete Rule and provide the name, start date for the rule. Set the status to "Active"

Note: Date and Time are in UK time zone. 

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