By now, you should've completed the following steps -

  1. Registration

  2. Verification

  3. Number setup

Make sure your number can receive a text message or a voice call before you proceed with the next few steps. If you use a landline number, ensure it's not behind an IVR or temporarily switch off the IVR to answer the call and note down the one time password. It will take anywhere between 5-10 minutes to receive the one time password

  • Navigate to the "Apps" screen on IMIconnect interface and create a new WhatsApp app using the number and the certificate. Please ensure you entire the number in the correct format. For example, for UK select country as UK from the dropdown and enter the number without the leading 0.

  • You will then be shown a pop-up where you will need to enter a one-time password received on your phone. This pop-up will last for 48 hours. If an app is not verified within 48 hours, it will be auto-deleted.

  • Once an app is successfully verified, you can then start configuring your profile.

Business Account Settings

About - Maximum of 256 characters  
Address - Maximum of 256 characters  
Contact Email - Maximum of 128 characters  
Description - Maximum of 256 characters  

Only JPEG images are allowed. Image should be atleast 1024x1024px with 1:1 or a squarish aspect ratio.

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