New WhatsApp templates can be submitted for approval from the templates section of IMIconnect. Once submitted, you can view the status of the template in the template listing UI.

We currently supports the following types of templates -

  1. Text based HSMs

  2. Media templates that support images and documents

All WhatsApp templates need to fall into 1 of the following categories and WhatsApp is pretty strict about adherence to them -

  • account update

  • alert update

  • appointment update

  • issue resolution

  • payment update

  • personal finance update

  • reservation update

  • shipping update

  • ticket update

Any promotional and sales-oriented HSM submissions will be rejected.

WhatsApp message template name can only include lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores.

To speed up the approval process, WhatsApp advises businesses to use descriptive names for their templates rather than random ones like “message_124a” it will make it easier for the person that will be approving your message as well as for you who will manage in a sea of other templates.

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