RCS supports the following message types -

Rich Text -

With RCS, messaging within the native client is no longer restricted to 160 characters. Brands may send and receive text and emojis exceeding this traditional character limit of SMS.

Suggested Replies -

Suggested replies are text-based and act as a reply from the user. Tapping a suggested reply sends the label text back to the conversation/ brand. Brands can embed unique postback data in every suggested reply. When the user taps the suggested reply, the corresponding postback data is sent back to the business along with the text. Note: chip lists disappear once an option is tapped. - Up to 11 chips per suggested chip list (users can scroll horizontally through the chip list) - Max 25 characters of text per chip label.

Suggested Actions -

Similar to suggested replies, suggested actions enable users to take an action within the messaging application. Tapping a suggested action does not send a message to the conversation, but rather performs an action within the RCS messaging app or within another app. This action is executed by a link or deep link behind the suggested action button. The business can embed unique postback data in every suggested action.

Actions include • Dial a phone number • Open a URL • Create a calendar event • Request user’s location • Launch an app (such as Maps)

Media -

RCS messages can contain various types of media. Brands can send media files of the following types: Images — BMP, GIF, JPEG (highly recommended), PNG Videos — MPEG-4 Audio files — MP4, M4A, MP3, WAV Support for other file types, such as PDFs, is coming in a future release.

Rich Cards -

Rich cards are used to display information to a user in a more visual format than plain text. A Rich card contains the following fields, in this relative order:

  1. Image or Video

  2. Title Text

  3. Description Text

  4. List of Suggested Replies

  5. List of Suggested Actions

Each of these fields are optional, although at least one of fields 1-3 must be included to form a viable card. Standalone rich cards expand to the full width of the conversation. They can either be vertical or horizontal in orientation.

Carousels -

Multiple rich cards can be sent as a carousel in a single message. There must be at least 2 and up to 10 cards within a carousel. The RCS messaging app will render carousels such that the fields within all contained cards are aligned. All media within the cards must have the same height

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